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Whatever the size of your home painter needs, whether it's a bedroom or kitchen that you want to paint or an entire house that you
want freshly painted, only a professional commercial house painter like Lakewood Painters can promise you the finest results and a
flawless finish. So whatever the scale of your paint project, entrust the job only to the experts. Only a specialist, residential painting
company will give you the results that you seek. Get it right the first time! To get in touch with the best painting contractors to hire,
Whether you want your interior to be painted or the exterior to be given a touch up, rely on the experts Lakewood Painters the most
reputable residential home painter in Plano.  A professional paint job does not mean only convenience and ease, it also promises a
truly smooth, flawless and professional finish.

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We provide all residential, commercial interior, exterior, home painting services to Plano, Illinois.  Lakewood Painters offers free
in-home estimates and consulting for all your house painting needs, and can arrange to have an experienced decorator guide you
through the many color choices available.  Lakewood Painters, serves all Plano, IL for home, office property management, town
home, community association, offices - both interior and exterior. All work is performed  and estimates are given by a real
professional.  The reputation of Lakewood home painting is most unique with their impressive list of repeat  residential and
commercial customers.  We would love to add your name to our list!
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If you live in a historical district, a development covered by a homeowner association or other planning restrictions, check
to see if there are any rules covering your exterior painting project. If the house was last painted before the 1980s, the
existing paint could be lead-based; the National Lead Information Center provides safety details. Lakewood Painters
Are Lead-Safe Certified Renovators in Plano,Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, IL, Call the experts  1-630-939-6000
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Home Painting––For Enhancing the Property Value hire interior and exterior painting contractors call 630-939-6000
29.1.2016 | Lakewood Painters | Plano, Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, IL

Are you planning to sell your property in the real estate market? If yes, there is lot of preparation that needs to be done. You might
have already prepared a list regarding the things that you can do to increase the resale value of it. The overall looks of a property
always matter when you are trying to sell it. The unsightly stains on your walls, the unpleasant odors and unappreciable bugs can
simply hamper its beauty. It is important that you clean the place and re-organize it. It includes cleaning the property in and out,
especially the unattended place like bathrooms, gutters and garages. Painting is another feature that can help your property achieve
a better visual appeal. Most of you would be planning to do the job by yourself to save some money. But this is never advisable as
you may not have the skills of that of professional home painters.

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