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House Painting Colors Chicago, IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago, IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago, IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago, IL USA
House Painting Colors Chicago, IL USA
Color Visualizer
House Painters are not the ones to choose the color. The house painters can certainly help you choose the color to be
used for your home. However, it is important that you know what color you want the painters to apply. After all, the main
task of a painter is to clean the surface and apply paint. There are many factors in choosing the color for painting. Here
are some tips for picking the right one. Examine the room’s size. Small spaces where you want to achieve intimacy can
have dark colors. If you want to make the room appear bigger then you should use light colors. They give the illusion of
openness. Light colors make the rooms appear airy where anyone would love to relax. The kind of lighting that you will use
for the room can also affect the right choice of color. Take note of what different light bulbs can do to the room’s color. The
incandescent bulbs give warmth while fluorescent light bulbs with blue to white color give the cool effect. You should also
consider the sunlight that gets in the room. You can use dark colors for rooms that receive sunlight most part of the day. If
the sunlight comes from north, expect that the light will be bluish so you may want to choose warm colors to keep the
balance. Another thing to consider is the color of furniture, furnishings and decorations in the room. Avoid being overly
coordinated. You can choose a paint color that belongs to the same hue as the dominant color among the items in the
room but avoid exact matches. For instance, you can use yellow paint if everything has a shade of brown.
When choosing paint, avoid the bargain brands and invest in the brand and quality you and your house painters can
afford. Water-based paints have changed a lot, and the newest and best additives and liquids that have a smooth
application, better adherence to surface, mold retardants and a longer life than those older or cheaper paints.  It's not as
bad as it may seem, but color choices do go in and out of favor. Now people are asking for a fresh look like white on the
woodwork. They look best on the older ranch-style homes or they usually want earth tones. If the owner can find a tiny chip
of the original paint, he says it can be easily re-created with the new computerized paint. There has been a growing
number of requests for red doors, which symbolize good luck and financial abundance.  Lighter colors will make a house
larger as well as taller, while darker colors can make the home look smaller, unless it's a really big home on a large lot.
Dark colors will also hold heat and make the interior hotter during summer months.

Color does affect us

WHITE:       Always looks fresh and clean and goes with almost any house style.
RED:          The choice of many  red is supposed to bring luck when painted on a door, but bright red also raises
blood          pressure and stimulates the appetite. Burgundy is calmer, while crimson can make some people feel
irritable,      and pink is the past.
GREEN:      It symbolizes money, health and nature; can be calming, while dark green trim on a white house is popular.
PURPLE:    This regal color is supposed to call in spiritual energies and is considered an upscale color, but most
real             estate salespeople say it's low on the curb-appeal scale.
BLUE:         Light shades are calming, relaxing and universally appealing.
YELLOW:   Pastel shades trimmed with white have a happy, sunny appeal.
ORANGE:   It's hot in the clothing industry but has no curb appeal.
BROWN:     A popular earth tone it's cooled off, unless it's the exterior trim on or siding
GRAY:        A gray-blue, such as Cape Cod blue, has great curb appeal, as does a beige-gray such as taupe with
white           trim.
3 Year Warranty Colours
With all the hype on new paint color technology constantly being raved about in House Painting Reviews, choosing one your
intended home improvement project can truly be daunting. The nuances of surroundings usually affect people’s mood.
When your eyes are heavy, you are usually advised to look at green things to ease out the pressure. Imagine having effect
out of your home. But apart from amazing interiors to greet us every waking moment, putting extra effort in your home
exterior paint will also add to its curb appeal. As a homeowner, there is no greater feeling than to earn a few nods every
now and then with something as simple as a perfectly well-thought of coloring for a home’s exterior.

However, there are wide-ranging colors available these days making the process of choosing truly taxing. Colors come with
different textures which in turn provide different finishes to a home’s exterior. But before you get enticed by wake-me-up
yellows or wild blue yonder or magenta madness, certain factors must be taken into consideration. It is important to consider
your home’s settings. Make sure that the color you choose does not make your home look “misplaced” in its environment.
Climactic conditions must also be considered. As a rule, following of latest trends should not be heeded in residential
painting initiatives. Trends easily come and go. With this, the advice of pro House Painters who have mastered the art of
looking for qualitative paints can truly be handy.
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